About Us
Our Mission
The mission of Teens Like Me is to improve teen volunteerism.
Teens Like Me is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that endorse the importance of youth volunteerism, is dedicated in supporting teens to become active change agents in their community.
Our endeavor is linking teens with life-changing mentorships at
nonprofit organizations, in the form of paid internships.

Mission Statement:
Teens Like Me is dedicated in developing future leaders committed to their communities.

To have a positive visualization of their future in which they see themselves becoming whatever they choose.
To have an encouraging impact of mentorship in a teen's life.
To promote in our youth a sense of social responsibility.
The opportunity to make a difference in someone else's life.

To support high achievement in education
To cultivate positive work ethics.
To provide a fulfilling work experience.
To serve as a benefit to the community.
To promote a spirit of giving that will last a lifetime.
To create caring, compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

In the next five years, Teens Like Me intends to positively impact the Atlanta community with:
An increase in high school graduates
An increase in college entrants and graduates

TLM believes that by engaging young people in their communities today, we can produce a generation of leaders who will be socially conscious, dedicated to service, and become role models for others.

The TLM intern, ages 15-19, gain much more than a summer paycheck; they develop job and leadership skills and experience a career exploration, while our nonprofit partners receive extra support  in delivering needed services to our communities.

The interests and skills of each teen is matched with the needs of one of our partnering nonprofit organizations. TLM interns work with the homeless, care for the environment, gain hands-on experience in law, medical, health and human services.

Teens Like Me aim to become a leading force in teen mentorships, and
teen internships.
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Teens rocking the cause!
Program Dates

Application Deadline
March 23, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.

TLM Orientation is June 2, 2012

Internships will begin week of
June 24, 2012

Internships will end week of
August 13, 2012