Frequently Asked Questions

What is Teens Like Me (TLM)?
Teens Like Me (TLM) is a nonprofit organization
•TLM place teenagers as part time paid interns, in community service during the summer.
•TLM interns work in nonprofit organizations across Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

How does TLM differ from other teen organizations?
Teens Like Me is not a "freebie handout" or a "patch-up quick fix program". We provide youth participants with tools to be encouraged, motivated and assume responsibility of their own lives through our basic 10 keys of Excellence:(which is taught in our leadership classes)
Integrity, Commitment, Balance, Sense of Humor, Confidence, Respect, Ownership, Forgiveness, Flexibility, and Service
Teens become more calculated about their lives, parent-teen relationships and relationships with other authorities are improved.

Where can I find a TEENS LIKE ME (TLM) application?
Applications are available on our website under the “Application for Teen Internship” section of Teen Information. They are also available at many Atlanta area high schools and at our office. Contact your career counselor or Church Youth Minister for more information. Applications are available at the end of January and are due in March.

Who should apply to be a TEENS LIKE ME (TLM) intern?
Students ages 15-19 who are active leaders, hardworking, dependable and interested in community service.

What is required of a TEENS LIKE ME (TLM) intern?
Each intern will commit to a schedule of either 20 hours or 30 hours per week for a minimum of 5 consecutive weeks during the summer. Each intern must also attend the 4 mandatory program meetings.

How will TEENS LIKE ME (TLM) select its participants?
Each potential intern must fill out an application and include 2 letters of recommendation. If selected for an interview, the candidate must complete an interview with the Selection Committee.
Successful candidates will have a complete application submitted on time, a strong interest in community service (no previous volunteering is required), be punctual, enthusiastic and committed.

Does TEENS LIKE ME (TLM) offer internships during the school year?
No, but we can refer you to places to volunteer during the school year and TLM will have several opportunities for you to volunteer with our fundraising efforts.

How do non-profit organizations apply for a TEENS LIKE ME (TLM) intern?
TEENS LIKE ME (TLM) is always interested in working with new non-profit organizations that can develop a clear job description for a teen intern which includes engaging and important work for their organization. Interested nonprofits should download a “Request an Intern” questionnaire from the “Non-Profit Partners, Employee” section of our website.

Do you have to live in the Atlanta area to apply for TEENS LIKE ME (TLM)?
No, but you must be in Atlanta for the entire summer program. We have plans to expand to other cities, St. Louis, MO. coming soon - Yippie!

Can a selected intern choose their placement?
No. Interns are matched to organizations based on their skills and interest as well as the needs of the non-profit organization.

Why is TLM a good choice for summer employment?
•TLM is a rewarding, civic minded, summer job.
•TLM internship participation is a valuable item on a resume or college application.
•TLM allows you to earn a paycheck and give back to your community at the same time. 

Who should apply to be a TLM intern?
TLM is seeking students ages 15 -19 who are:
•Active leaders among their peers
•Interested in community service
•Hardworking and dependable
•Applicants must be 15 years old by June 1, 2014

How do I apply to TLM?
•Visit the TLM website at to download a PDF version of our application.
•Applications can be submitted via email attachment, faxed or mailed to Teens Like Me, Inc.
•Applications are due on March 23, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.
•Two letters of recommendation-email letters to
Late applications will not be accepted.

How will TLM select its teen interns?
Each potential intern must:
•Fill out an application. Include all requested information.
•Have 2 letters of recommendation submitted on his/her behalf.
•Attend an interview (if selected) by TLM selection committee
•Selection committee conducts interviews in late April or early May 2012
•Selects interns mid May, will be notified by email and phone call.

Applicants are selected for a position based on their qualifications and based on how well their applications match the stated needs of employers.
The purpose of the program is to provide the best possible match between applicants and employers. Applicants are matched on a first-come-first-served basis.
There usually are fewer summer opportunities than there are applicants, so submit your application early.

What is required of TLM interns?
Each intern will commit to a schedule of either 25 hours or 35 hours per week for
5 to 8 weeks and 5 of those weeks must be consecutive
•Each intern MUST attend the 4 mandatory program meetings:
•Orientation, June 2, 2012
•Leadership Training,  July 14, 2012
•Day of Service,  July 28, 2012
•Celebration of Service, August 16, 2012
•TLM interns are committed, punctual and enthusiastic to community involvement.
•Each intern must participate in a team service project (as a volunteer)
•Each intern aids in evaluation of the TLM program as well as their particular employment placement

What kind of summer jobs and internships are provided?
TLM is an opportunity for teens to work with a variety of Georgia’s nonprofit businesses that provide professional mentorship for youth.

What kind of support will I receive?
Each participating teen and their employer will be assigned an Intern Advisor. Your Intern Advisor will be available to answer any questions and address any issues that arise throughout the summer.

When will the TLM program start?
•TLM Orientation is June 2, 2012
•Most internships begin week of June 24, 2012
•Most internships end week of August 13, 2012

How much do TLM interns get paid?
•TLM interns are paid $10.00 per hour(confirmation based on funding)
Questions? email us at:

Can I reapply to be a TLM intern next year if not selected?
Yes, TLM encourage you to reapply every year!
Every applicant, not selected, will have an opportunity (based on available positions) to participate in our career exploration program. This is a volunteer summer position to aid in your career discovery. You are placed in a position of your choice that relates to the profession you wish to pursue.